9 Steps to a Successful Desert Safari Dubai Tour

The desert safari in Dubai is an indelible charisma of various stirring activities and a must-go adventurous itinerary from the tiresome city life, to the flashback of cultural tradition and pleasure of the desert landscape. Irrespective of all attributes of the desert, Dubai Desert Safari is a stockpile of many presumptuous activities that raises the willingness to partake in surprisingly daring risks. For adrenaline seekers, here are some things, they must follow before embarking on a journey. The pre-knowledge about your planned excursion is must like what is the history of that place, how to get there, what to do, why is it famous for?

Safari embedded with up-roaring thrills of camel riding, sand bashing, and plethora of night activities, appears to be the most sought after in Dubai.

Expectations in the Desert Safari

Desert Safari is a buffet feast under one roof i.e., a blend of both spice and stench. Exhilarating and adventurous excursion starts from the hilarious thrill of dreadful sand bashing to the serene tranquillity of traditional Arabian Desert. A traditional Middle East B.B.Q—— what a perfect feast! People enjoy it with a series of entertainments. Most safaris start in the afternoon, when the desert seema zealous and calm simultaneously. The photo genic beauty of the desert makes the memory of the hedonist——-an eternal.

Interesting Adventurous Safari Tours

No trip to Dubai is complete without the iconic Desert Safari. There is never a dull moment in the desert from the start of the day, with the rise of the sun until when it sets and night prevails the desert. You will come across different types of Safaris.

  1. Morning Desert Safari-— for the beauty lovers with the first flash of the sun.
  2. Adventurous Desert Safari—- Perfect for adrenaline junkies with a broad-spectrum of all sorts of sand bashing.
  3. Evening Desert Safari —-a-must go safari for those who want to make their journal or lifelong memory.
  4. Overnight Desert Safari—–an ultimate landing spot for the escapades of the city life, to feel the sound of wind blowing in the desert at night under the gorgeous sky.

How To Reach For Desert Safari?

Desert Safari is a focal point with dune bashing, the exotic nightlife, and bon-vivant dinner. If you are planning to travel to Desert Safari pre-booking, using online media is advisable. Booking a desert safari is pretty much easier. Search a reliable company for your reservation. As many companies are there, offering the budgeted packages to make your trip memorable. Try to go for combo deals with availability of refund up to 24 hours.  But reviews checking is must-to-do before your reservation. The safari operators arrange your pick and drop and will take you in arctic 4WD wheels to the desert. Booking through operator is must, because you cannot access the way to the desert by yourself. Your pick-up time will start one hour before your excursion time. Make sure you have got all the information about your journey and vehicles one day before.

What Is The Best Safari?

Desert Safari is a hub of astonishing experiences. Your fun will be mountainous, whatever the selection of the time is. If you get attracted to a Morning or Evening Desert Safari, you should be careful about the choice of your operator. This is what you can make your trip outstanding or poor.

Jubilant Camel Ride

A trip to the desert safari in Dubai is only successful if you experience a bumpy camel ride. The premier thing you experience during the peaceful walk of life—— the old decades of the desert when people used to ride on camels in the vast landscape. The ways of life in the vast terrain. The camera-friendly view of the sunset while the quiet trekking of the camel is spell-captivating.

Dune-Bashing Experience

Dune bashing thrill is inescapable in the desert. So, in order to enjoy your drive completely in 4Ă—4 wheels SUV, always listen to your operator. As they are trained, how to handle the whole situation. Your journey is successful, if you make sure that your seat belts are fastened. Your cabs are well-equipped with all safety measurements like insurance of vehicles, helmets cage-roller, and all first-aids.

Pre-Desert Safari Activities

 If you really want a successful journey in a real sense, you should know

  • Always wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Have sunglasses, hats, and sunblock.
  • Try to carry light backpacks avoiding the expensive stuff.
  • Keep yourself hydrated, but never drink plenty of water or other food items especially before dune bashing as it may cause nausea.
  • Camera is must to seize the surrounding beauty.

Desert Safari Without Dune Bashing

Going to desert with a toddler, expecting lady and old people with heart or joint problems is not recommended. Hence, there is an opportunity for them in camel ride, camp sitting, and overnight exhilaration, in spite of sand dune bashing.

Desert Safari Without Alcohol & Belly Dance

Don’t bring alcohol with you on your trip, as every desert camp has the bar with alcohol facility, from where you can buy and drink it. If you want a desert safari without belly dance. you have the opportunity to book your tour without it. Even though the Evening Desert Safari is highly loaded with whimsical activities like B.B.Q feast, Henna tattoos, folk musical show, traditional clothing, Sheesha smoking, and stargazing.

 So, after having the knowledge about how to make your trip eminent, you can have a record of exceptional memory bank.

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