8 Of The Hottest Outdoor Wedding Decoration Trends In 2022

If in the past, families would hold weddings at home or in restaurants, today there are more open spaces, so the decoration of outdoor weddings according to the theme is welcomed by many couples. Let’s refer to the following 8 trends in outdoor wedding decoration for wedding venues Singapore.

Wedding decoration with fresh flowers

Although it is quite expensive, decorating the wedding party with fresh flowers is chosen by many couples. 

The natural color of fresh flowers is used by experts to highlight the outdoor wedding space. In the background of green grass and white clouds, your wedding party is dotted with bright pink and red flowers under the bright yellow sunlight like a beautiful picture. 

If you are afraid of the cost of decorating fresh flowers, you can choose seasonal flowers to choose a large number of fresh flowers and more reasonable costs with many coupons for flowers available. 

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Wedding decoration with wooden items

If you love simple, rustic, romantic, and warm beauty, try decorating your wedding party with wooden items. This must be a great choice when covering the outdoor wedding space with a rustic natural style. 

You can use wooden boards with soft handwriting written in chalk that will catch everyone’s attention. Wooden ladders, wooden pallets, and other recycled items create a traditional style for the day. The elegant wooden decorations, combined with the shimmering candles, will bring you an intimate and warm wedding space.

Decorate with lights

With the main material being the twinkling lights, you can create the idea of ​​​​decorating into a galaxy or a shimmering starry sky. The string lights are strung up or stretched on the table or decorated at the gate area, the photo booth will make your party night extremely romantic. 

A wedding space filled with lights is also easy to combine with other materials such as flowers, candles, and cakes. Therefore, this topic will be loved in the years to come.

Wedding party decoration with balloons

Couples can choose balloons to make backdrops, and decorate dining tables, gallery tables, seats, and welcome gates, … with different colors and sizes according to preferences.

Decorating a wedding party with balloons is a good idea, simple, easy to do, and at the same time helps the two of you save a lot of money. Combining small balls of various sizes, light and dark tones with foliage, and flowers, the party space becomes more vivid and special.

The balloons are so fresh, highlighting the outdoor wedding space, and exuding newness and personality in the decoration style of the bride and groom.

With simplicity as well as convenience, you can completely buy balloons to decorate yourself according to your preferences. If you buy balloons on sales websites, you will receive a lot of incentives such as discount codes, and coupons to help you save money when decoring your wedding.

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Wedding decoration with ribbons

Decorating a wedding party with ribbons saves a lot of money and doesn’t take too much effort, but still has an impressive wedding with many shimmering colors.

The bride and groom can decorate the whole space by themselves without spending much time. The ribbon can be hung on the tree when holding an outdoor party to create romance, tied to a hand-held bouquet to add momentum. At the same time, ribbons can be used as backdrops, aisle decorations, wedding cakes, chairs, tables… so lovely, right?

With this style, the wedding space for the two of you will be bolder and more unique and create excitement for the guests.

Decorate with cakes 

Decorating a wedding party with cakes is not a popular choice, but the impression that the idea brings will make couples consider it!

We are always fascinated by attractive, colorful cakes. Therefore, when decorating a lot of cakes in the wedding space, it will stimulate the taste of the guests, and make everyone happier, especially the young guests who will be very excited about this idea.

Currently, wedding parties often use cookies, donuts, and cream cakes to decorate, beautify and make desserts. This theme helps both the bride, groom, and attendees see the sweetness, harmony, and individuality of the couple.

Rustic – Vintage decoration

Depending on their preferences, couples will choose different concepts. Couples who love simplicity and lightness prefer to choose a rustic wedding style with a few dry branches, lanterns, bird’s nests, fresh flowers… Vintage style is also favored a lot: the Antique, 60’s imitation, or some heirloom, family memorabilia is a great choice for your big day

Decorate in a simple style

The most chosen style is still the simple, romantic, about, and gentle style (Pure romantic). The familiar decorations such as the gentle flower gate, the path strewn with fresh flowers, the short wedding dress, the confetti, the free dress for the guests… are a few examples of this style of wedding.

Common themes in this style of wedding decor are beach parties, festive seasons, wedding decorations, or reenactment of the young bride and groom’s memories. The soft, warm candlelight at the party table. The gate welcomes guests with gentle fresh flowers. The road is strewn with rose petals under the bride’s footsteps… All will combine to create a truly harmonious and romantic whole, leaving the attendees with unforgettable echoes.


Above we have just taken a look at the hottest outdoor wedding decorations today. We hope that with our suggestions above, you will have a splendid and perfect wedding.

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