Dr. Kami Hoss on The Importance of Dental Teeth Cleanings for Your Kid

Cleaning your teeth is a routine part of your daily life. When you visit your dentist, a dental tooth cleaning procedure is a part of the dental check-up, even for your child. Many people fail to understand the importance of regular cleaning your teeth for optimal health. Credible medical sources have revealed that good oral hygiene stops you from losing teeth and curbs dementia, heart disease, and other issues pertaining to diabetes.

Dr. Kami Hoss – Pay attention to your child’s oral health

Dr. Kami Hoss is a highly respected and leading name in the field of pediatric dentistry in San Diego, USA. He isthe CEO and the Co-Founder of The Super Dentists and recently has joined the Board of Counselors at the UCLA School of Dentistry in the USA.

He conducts many events, community workshops, and seminars on the subjects of oral and medical health. He spreads education to parents on how they should take care of their children’s oral health and inculcate good habits in them.

He co-founded this leading and highly esteemed clinic in San Diego, 23 years ago with his wife, Dr. Nazli Keri. He and his team of compassionate and friendly experts specialize in orthodontics, parent dentistry practices, and pediatric dentistry in Southern California.

Take care of your child’s teeth

When it comes to your child’s oral health, he/she might brush or floss daily. However, an extensive dental cleaning does go the extra mile in protecting your child’s teeth. The reason being this cleaning procedure reaches below the line of the gums. This means the cleaning is deeper and better.

Give your child a comfortable experience

The team of professionals at The Super Dentists ensures your child’s teeth are cleaned in a comfortable way. Unlike a regular dentist, the equipment used here is comfortable and suitably sized to suit your child’s mouth. Often children are intimidated by the sight of the dentist’s clinic. However, this leading clinic keeps your child’s priorities in mind so that he/she gets a comfortable and enjoyable experience with the dentist on each and every visit.

Remove plaque and tartar conveniently from your child’s teeth

During the procedure, tartar and plaque will be removed from your child’s teeth to curb gum disease. This can result in many issues that can get serious, too, like tooth and bone loss.

When you take your child for regular dental cleaning, you can allow the dentist to check your children’s oral health. In this way, you can prevent several dental problems in their early stages. At the same time, education about good dental habits at home is shared so that children can inculcate them in their daily routine.

Dr. Kami Hoss and his team at The Super Dentists are known for their quality dental services. They ensure your child is comfortable and taken care of well. Their goal is to give your child an experience that is relaxing and less intimidating than a visit to a regular dentist’s office.

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