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Arlo NoMad Online Hotel Booking – Understanding Star Rating System to find Best Hotels

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Star rating of hotels indicates the quality of service and availability of amenities when trying to find a good hotel. If you are a frequent traveler who tends to stay in hotel rooms at places, it is ideal to know the history of start rating, its relevance, the difference between different types of star ratings, etc. Knowing this will help you be sure about the basic amenities to expect on-site at the hotel and enjoy your stay better.

There are various types of travelers as some do it for business and some leisure. In the USA, you will find hotels with different star ratings. You may have heard for sure about the most reputable 5-star rated hotels, which people prefer to stay in. Let us have a look into the history of star ratings.

Arlo NoMad explains the history of star rating

Star rating started first in the oil and gas sector in America. Yes, it was Mobil, the same automobile gas station company that started offering travel guides and used a 5-star rating system to grade different hotels. From then, as Arlo NoMad points out, others too started to emulate Mobile, and this system of 5-star ratings became a norm over time.

However, the star rating system is not regulated by any organization or body. A star rating system for hotels works based on public opinion in the USA. In some other countries like Italy and Spain etc., government controls the star rating under special regulations and defines the categorical specifications of each star rating. In the United States, these ratings are mostly like the movie rating we see online. This is the collective agreement of the users about the quality and amenities of the hotel.

Star ratings

  • From a 1-star rated hotel, users can expect only small or medium size rooms with basic amenities like a television and a telephone.
  • Hotels with a 2-star rating are also similar to that of 1-star rated hotels, which will have restaurants too close proximity. Some of these hotels also offer free breakfast.
  • 3-star hotels will be located near major freeways, and travelers can enjoy more spacious rooms and amenities like a fitness center, spa, room services, etc.

As the star ratings increase further like 4-star, 5-star, and beyond, the hotels will have more luxurious amenities and premium services in their offerings.

While booking the hotels online, you can look at the hotel’s star rating to instantly understand the amenities provided. Further, you can also check for the location of the hotel, other customer reviews, and the specifications as listed on the hotel website or booking website to identify which one can be your best choice to book.

Hotels like Arlo NoMad offers the best-in-class facilities like free wi-fi, terrace/patio, safety locker, seating area, gift shop, ironing service, free toiletries, heating/cooling, shared lounge, board games, cycling, ticketing service, wake-up service, business center access, concierge services, laundry, banquet facilities, mini-market in the premises, contactless check-in and checkout, face mark and preventative measures, etc.

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