How to change the iPhone X screen like Pro

 Despite intense pressure from all directions, given how expensive iPhones are, Apple understands why people are reluctant to handle others to join the Paul cult. However, life without the iPhone would be a bit boring as they have an operating system that is incomparable and untouchable to any of the competitors so far.

So what are people from entering the Apple market, especially iphone x screen repair Auckland? Well, that goes beyond the price of a gadget. This is related to the price of after-sales service and replacement parts, which are hard to find at a reasonable price.

However, this is no longer the case, and you can now turn to trusted partners like iphone x screen replacement auckland, to repair all Apple devices, including the most popular iPhone X screen replacement.

Aftermarket and other high-end options to replace the iPhone X screen

Quite frankly, many types of OLED displays have evolved. Let’s start by saying that, given its distinction and functionality, Apple’s original OLED display would be the best choice for the iPhone X.

Second, there are also options to replace the refurbished iPhone screen. Renewed displays are nothing more than original displays that contain one or more components, such as digitizers or OLED panels, replaced or modified.

The actual OLED and IC are the same, so their functionality can be compared to that of the original OLED display.

The third option to replace the iPhone X screen is aftermarket, and while aftermarket OLED displays have many variations, they are mainly divided into hard and soft OLED. Tech customers prefer soft OLEDs because hard OLED displays have a higher burn rate.

1. iPhone X screen replacement cost

  • The NZ $ 490 price includes a three-month standard screen replacement warranty to replace the original Apple iPhone X screen at the official Apple Service Center.
  • Similarly, to replace a refurbished and OEM quality iPhone X screen you will have to pay anywhere between NZ $ 499 and NZ $ 595 and the length of their warranty varies from supplier to supplier. Most companies offer no warranty, but some do.
  • Finally, the most affordable option is the choice of aftermarket OLED displays, priced from NZ $ 499 to NZ $ 595. As for the warranty, we cannot be sure as everyone has their warranty agreement and other similar demands.

2. Auckland iPhone X screen replacement

  • Using an authorized Apple service center is a great option, but not everyone can make expensive and time-consuming repairs. Instead, you can find the best Apple expert technicians in your area so you can get a reliable repair quickly.
  • Many independent repair businesses offer the highest service at competitive rates. So you have many options when deciding where to go to replace the best iPhone X screen in Auckland.


A quick repair process is enough and is essential for the best iPhone X screen replacement process, unlike Apple repair, which can be expensive and most service centers are unreliable.

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