Is There Any Link Between Mattress And Body Pain?

Do you feel tired and ache in your body, even after hours of sleep in the bed? If you do, then you must check your mattress, please. Maybe the issue is with the mattress and other bedding stuff you use. Try to notice if you were having stiffness in muscles or pain before you go to bed or if it happens after you sleep.

Body pain can be acute or chronic, but it affects health, and often people fail to notice the issue is with the mattress. So if you know the mattress is the culprit, then, of course, time to change it. However, your body will take a few days or a week to adjust to the new Nolah Original mattress and give you a comfortable sleep.

Let us briefly if there is truly a relation between mattress and body pain or if it’s just bygones saying.

The Warning Signs If Your Mattress Gives Body Pain Or Not:


  1. Morning and Pain: If you wake up with body aches and pain in certain body areas, it must be because of poor sleeping posture or a bad mattress. If it is not a one-day story, you are sleeping on an old mattress, or either mattress is too soft.

  1. Whole Night Discomfort: If you keep turning and tossing at night, the root cause is your mattress which is old and uncomfortable. It fails to give you healthy and cozy sleep in the position you want. This even causes body pain and a disturbing sleepless night.

  1. Deep Skinking: If your mattress lets you sink, it can cause back issues and muscular stiffness. The mattress should not be too soft or too hard, even should not let sinking feature. A too-soft mattress or hard can lead to joint pressure, so have a medium-firm mattress like natural latex or an orthopedic mattress.

  1. New Mattress: Our body takes time to adjust to the new mattress, so it’s obvious you can feel uncomfortable. Too and brand new mattresses create body pain, as it takes time to adapt. Even the possibility of a high lower back is much for a few days to a couple of months.

  1. Aged Mattress Is Fuss: You should change your mattress every 7-8 years, as it regularly wears out. This creates issues on health like pain, skin allergies, muscular stiffness, breathing, etc. The mattress’s firmness, support, and comfort change with time, so it needs replacement, as the mattress can’t be repaired.

  1. Keep You Awake Whole Night: If you feel discomfort in bed and your sleep gets disturbed within a few hours, keep it a concern. Check for the mattress, bed stuff, and bedroom environment. If you need change, what you notice does that for your healthy and sound sleep, signing of all interruptions.


  1. Mattress Is Uneven and Saggy: Just examine your mattress. Is it uneven and saggy? Then what are you waiting for? Change your mattress as old and lumpy one can discomfort your body. It can cause chronic back pain, body aches, and pressure point issues.

The Bottom Line:


If you have those signs mentioned above, switch your mattress for better health and good sleep. You should prioritize your comfort needs and budget to pick the best mattress for you and your family. Today online shopping for a mattress is available, but visiting a Mattress Store in Gurgaon is ideal.

You can explore many like Sleepwell Nexa Mattress, latex mattress, and more by such a trustable brand. Find the nearest showroom for Sleepwell Mattress in Gurgoan, New Delhi, or other places to have a healthy sleep for years.

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