7 Ways to Generate Innovative Ideas for Your Business

Whether you are doing business or thinking about getting started soon, innovation is something you’ll hear about all the time. It’s all well and good to want to innovate, but where to start? Do you have to have money? Do market research? Talk to customers? Hire a production company near me?

So… where to start?

You need to go back to basics before you do anything. Any innovation starts from an idea, or a need reformulated into an idea. The idea of ​​a concept, a new offer, a process, a challenge to launch on the web, or a series of promotions to set up. Before spending money or raising resources, find your idea.

In the following paragraphs, I will share with you my favorite tools to generate a maximum of innovative ideas. Whether it’s for a new business, a new offer, to find new strategies, or even for problem-solving, these seven methods will surprise you.

Brainstorming: This technique is a creative way to generate tons of ideas over a set period through the intervention of a facilitator or facilitator. It can be done alone or in a group, vocally, in audio, or even in video.

2) Brainwriting: A creative way to generate a maximum of new ideas in writing and via drawings or tables rather than vocally. The ideas generated are then transmitted to the neighbor who does the same to his neighbor and so on. Everyone can therefore bounce on the ideas of their colleague and take them even further. Each participant receives feedback on their ideas, thus enriching the conversation. Writing plays a key role here. It helps to make connections and make one person’s ideas tangible so that another stakeholder can appreciate their value.

3) The Brain walk: Consists of doing a moving brainstorming in an inspiring space. It is done in laboratories, workshops, or large spaces. The strength of this idea generation method lies in the fact that movement activates our creativity and emotions, which is more difficult when we sit for several hours. Participants move through the space to visit, explore, and touch to be inspired.

4) The Body storm: Consists of setting up situations in which the participants put themselves in the shoes of the client to be able to generate new ideas. The goal is to walk in your customer’s shoes, to feel the way they feel, and understand their problems and frustrations to better solve them.

5) Game storming: Consists of brainstorming around a game. The game serves as a beggar allowing you to approach the subject to be solved in a different way. There are several known games that allow you to find solutions such as “improvisation”, “puns”, “the six hats”, “the campfire”, “the anti-problem”, or even the ” fishbowl”. The edutainment and multisensory approach are particularly effective in this method. Humans like to play, so why not combine business with pleasure?

6) The Sketch storm: Consists of generating new ideas through drawings and sketches only. For some people, especially the artistic ones, drawing is a great way to reflect and unleash their creativity. In this method, one does not need to be a good graphic designer or draftsman. We just need to have enough open-mindedness to do it.

7) Worst storming: Consists of generating the worst possible ideas to extract disruptive concepts. It is a kind of reverse brainstorming. It allows you to unleash your creativity unusually through video companies near me. Believe me, it is a lot tougher than it seems. This method is based on the premise that sometimes the worst ideas hide the most innovative ideas.


As you have just seen, there are several ways to generate new ideas. Which will you use? Which one resonates best with you and your team? If you need help to organize a “STORM” of fire in your company or organization, do not hesitate to contact me.

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