Where Can I Get the Best Foreign Currency Exchange Rates?

You might be pondering traveling again now that the coronavirus has been defeated in many parts of the world. However, before you head to the airport to catch a flight abroad, find out where you can get the cheapest conversion rate.

Some tourists choose to exchange their US dollar buy sell for euros or other currencies at their local bank so that they have the cash to tip taxi drivers or airport porters, or to purchase coffee or lunch. People who are traveling to multiple countries with various currencies will find that planning ahead saves them the hassle of constantly changing money.

Where is the best place to exchange money before and after a trip?

Even though the fees are only a few dollars, they can rapidly mount up, particularly if you are traveling for more than a few days. To avoid paying ATM transaction fees, go to your bank or credit union before you depart. You might even get a better exchange rate this way.

If you have a checking or savings account with them, they will exchange your dollars into a foreign currency before and after your trip. You won’t have to worry about spending your remaining euros before your trip ends, and you’ll be able to change them to dollars when you return home.

How to Make a Currency Exchange

Begin by checking your bank’s website to determine if the currency you want to exchange is available. Your bank may not be able to access the money if you’re traveling to a country where the currency is restricted for political or economic reasons. Many African and Eastern European countries’ currencies can only be exchanged through their banks and ATMs.

Here’s a list of things to think about:

Check with a bank or credit union to see if they have the currency or will accept it, and what the fees are.

Exchange rates can be found at your bank, credit union, or on websites like https://www.xe.com/.

Make sure the bank’s exchange rate is reasonable.

Make a pickup or delivery appointment.

What Other Options Do You Have for Exchanging?

It’s a good idea to get more cash once you’ve arrived at your location, so you may go shopping and eat at mom-and-pop shops.

Using your bank’s ATM or one of its network’s ATMs, as well as exchange companies like Travelex, are popular choices. Another alternative is to use services like Wise, which specializes in currency transfers and also provides a debit card. According to Nicholas Lembo, Wise’s head of growth for the Americas, the company lets you store more than 40 currencies in your account, so if you travel frequently, you may switch to any currency you need.

Banks often impose a fixed fee or a percentage of the amount you withdraw from an ATM in foreign currency, such as 1% to 3%. So that you may prepare ahead, find out what your bank or credit union’s policy is on reimbursing ATM fees.

To find local ATMs, download your bank’s app ahead of time. If your bank charges a greater fee, consider withdrawing a larger sum of money. Expect to pay extra fees if you use an ATM that is not part of your bank’s network.

Currency Exchange Alternatives

Buying things with your credit card, prepaid cards, or even US dollars can be a fantastic alternative to converting money. Even small companies at a night market or festival selling street food will accept electronic payments, and other countries such as Mexico and French Polynesia will accept US currency.

Your credit card company may also provide favorable exchange rates; check with them ahead of time to see what they are. Credit cards are generally the best option for paying for hotels, restaurants, and rental vehicles because they provide purchase protection as well as bonus reward points for transactions at various establishments.


Given that the coronavirus has been eradicated in many regions of the world, you may be considering traveling once more.

Visit your bank or credit union before you leave to avoid paying ATM transaction fees. This method may potentially result in a better exchange rate.

According to Nicholas Lembo, head of growth for the Americas at Wise, the company lets you store more than 40 currencies in your account, so if you travel frequently, you can switch to any currency you need. To start, check your bank’s website to see if the currency you want to exchange is available.

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